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General discussion about FLUX belonged to two or more categories.

Help Request

If you got any trouble using FLUX Delta or FLUX Studio, use this category.

Product - Machine

Unlimited, elegant, and simple – FLUX is the right choice for everyone because it is simple to set up, elegantly designed, and has an unlimited capacity for expansion.

Product - Module

FLUX supports an ever-increasing array of interchangeable modules. It is the everything 3D printer that grows with you. With the modular design, customizing your FLUX experience to meet your specific needs is a cinch.

Product - Consumable

*This category is not open yet.


Share what you printed, engraved, scanned & drew


Discuss about FLUX Studio

Module Development

FLUX has an open module SDK. Besides developing our own new modules, we also invite talented engineers around the world to create more modules and share cool ideas with the FLUX community. Let's hack together!

Cool Stuff

Discussion about cool stuff which can let you play FLUX with more fun.

Cool Event

Discussion about cool events for designers, makers, and new tech lovers.

Feature Request

Any idea about new features that would help you using FLUX Delta or FLUX Studio.

Bug Report

Whenever an unexpected messages or behaviors happened.